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An endless list for a Riviera to be discovered.

Genoa offers itself to the sight of the traveler in all its majesty. Lying on the sea shore, it can be seen expanding perched on its hills in a truly unique setting. The Porto Antico (Old Harbour) encloses the city of yesterday and today in a harmony of suggestive shapes and colors. It preserves the ancient symbols, such as the Lantern and the admirable perspective of the ancient buildings together with the bold and very modern ones such as Renzo Piano's Bigo and Bolla, the structure of the Aquarium and the Cotton Warehouses, the Galata Museo del Mare.
The historic center now finally relives the splendor of its ancient splendor, after years of neglect. Everything that was overlooked only a few years ago, today shines restored and returned to the city. Palazzo Ducale, the palaces of the Rolli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the numerous historic villas set in parks of remarkable charm cannot be forgotten. a Visit in the city’s hinteland, with its Forts, among which Forte Sperone is the venue for summer shows, deserves an excursion on foot. Genoa, city of illustrious personalities from Christopher Columbus to Giuseppe Mazzini, from Nicolò Paganini to Fabrizio De Andrè, from Renzo Piano and Lele Luzzati is truly a city of a thousand surprises and certainly a pleasant and interesting place.

L’Acquario di Genova
By nature, Europe's largest marine park excites you: 71 tanks, 800 species, over 10,000 specimens against the inimitable backdrop of Genoa’s gulf. It was inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the Colombian celebrations on the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the New World. A destination for over a million visitors every year, it welcomes every marine species - from dolphins to sharks, from turtles to penguins - to 600 square meters of exhibition and keeps them in their natural marine environment, carefully reproduced.

These two magical words evoke a universe of dreams and prestige. You can discover the many facets of the Principality of Monaco. Its exceptional situation, between the sea and the mountains, its gardens, its sporting and cultural events, the many occasions that make Monaco the ideal destination for a romantic trip.

Nice deserves to let go, to get lost in its streets of the old city before going along the Promenade des Anglais, and to enter the heart of the historic center to discover its architectural and cultural heritage, its parks and its gardens. Nice has 19 museums and galleries, 32 classified historical monuments, 300 hectares of parks, gardens, municipal forests and green spaces. Nice is located in the heart of one of the most visited regions in the world: the French Riviera.

The cetacean sanctuary
Every summer about 2000 whales and thousands of other cetaceans, including dolphins, zifi and sperm whales, meet in the Ligurian-Provençal basin to feed before the winter. The boat trips for whale watching are an opportunity, not only to see the Cetaceans up close in their natural environment, but also to make an effort to raise awareness of those who go by sea for a correct management of the whale sanctuary of the Mediterranean.

The hill paths
Alassio is the green of its gardens and villas scattered on the heights where you can walk exploring the hills thanks to a dense network of clean and equipped paths that make you enjoy breathtaking perspectives and views.

Le Caravelle water park
Total relaxation between the greenery and the many swimming pools, fun and adventure with a thousand attractions, animation and adventure for young and old.

Scooter rentals
For a holiday in complete freedom, without parking problems or even for a simple trip, you can rent a scooter that you will find directly and comfortably at the hotel.
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